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About AIQ Meta-Testbed

Developing systems that rely on machine learning requires new approaches to quality assurance. No longer do developers explicitly express all logic in source code – instead we train solutions on large quantities of data. We refer to this subset of software as MLware. But as we move from coding to training, how can we trust the resulting systems? AIQ Meta-Testbed is a prestudy that explores the potential of establishing a testbed in Helsingborg, Sweden dedicated to tackle this challenge. A testbed to test AI testing – an AI Meta-Testbed. The initiative is funded by Plattformen at Campus Helsingborg, Lund University.

Our Services

Deep Learning Testing
We stay on top of the rapidly growing area of AI testing. With a focus on deep neural networks, we help you test your smart systems. Neuron coverage? Surprise adequacy? We know it. Check our publications (soon!)
Data Quality Assurance
MLware is fueled by data and no system based on supervised learning can outperform its training data. We are experts on everything data, from legal aspects to the technical pipelines. Check our publications (soon!)
Bleeding Edge Software Testing
MLware is fueled by data, but certainly driven code. Conventional source code written by humans. We help you apply the best ideas from academic software testing such as mutation testing. Check our publications (soon!) Want to know more about our ambitious plans? Please reach out to markus.borg@ri.se